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What You'll Take Away From
My View From the Woods

This blog is about my journey to live a more simple life on my own terms, but some aspects of the journey will overlap with your principals, dreams, and goals, too.

Review the information on the blog and in the videos and improve on the aspects that fit your situation. Learn from my mistakes and wins.

Remember, though, that this isn't a how-to-do-it website, rather, it's a how-I-did-it or even, a how-I'm-going-to-do-it website. Many of the articles will be a discussion on topics that I've researched and plan to implement at a later time. 

The website is in affect a journal or a notebook.

However, the topics and discussions may be what you need on your own journey right now!

I hope my journey inspires you to act on a dream you have, regardless if it's about living off the grid or is something completely different.

If you don't build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs. 

More About Me in the 3rd Person

Tired of listening to people suggesting how he should make a living, Todd set out to find a life that suits his own expectations and style.

My View From The Woods is Todd's journey for a simpler lifestyle to build a homestead, be more self-sufficient, and live off the grid.

Why a Build a Homestead and Live Off the Grid?

Let me list the reasons and explain later. 

  • I like to work hard on a project and accomplish something you can look at when you finish. Projects like clearing land, planting a garden, building something, seeing healthy livestock, or making a smile on someones face.
  • Having a smaller home using alternative energy will hopefully lower my monthly bills and make my limited retirement money go farther.
  • I like the idea of knowing where my food comes from, what the animals ate, what the plants were grown in, and how they were treated while alive and during harvest.
  • At worst, the cost of my produced food will be the same as buying food and hopefully much cheaper than buying equivalently produced food. Again, making my money go farther.
  • Reduce my carbon footprint and use as much renewable energy as possible and quickly get the infrastructure in place to capture as much energy my homestead will provide.

And lastly,

  • Invest my labor and efforts into productivity that benefits my family in totality. In other words, none of my effort produces income, profit, or resource for another person or entity unless I wish it to be so. 

The Journey Will Visit Other Websites

Some articles, videos, and links will take you from MyViewFromTheWoods.com to my other platforms. These include:

My View From The Woods YouTube Channel.

MakeGardeningEasy.com, and


So don't be alarmed if you go on an internet journey. All of those websites are mine. The reason is to put similar content in one place.