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I’m todd, a geologist who runs a seed business and loves the woods, hiking, and taking photographs.

todd from my view from the woods
english springer spaniel named Caden

This is Caden, my Springer Spaniel and hiking buddy!

Caden isn’t happy unless he has multiple toys in his possession.

He also loves water but doesn’t like to swim.
When we are hiking on a trail, and he hears a babbling brook, he looks at me as if to ask permission to run ahead and play in the water.

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home microgreens

Home Microgreens

I’m the founder & owner of Home Microgreens. A website and an e-commerce business that teaches people how to grow microgreens at home. The store sells microgreen seeds & supplies. ​

Finger lakes trail sign

End-to-End FLT Hike

Caden and I are section-hiking the Finger Lakes Trail System, which is ~990 miles long. It stretches from the Catskill Mountains to the Pennslyvania border in the southwestern corner of New York State. Branch trails extend north & south off the main trail.

my view from the woods from rocky peak ridge

Peak Bagging

Besides the FLT, the Adirondack 46 and Catskill 35 are on my radar to hike, climb, and finish. These are secondary to the FLT, as I like hiking the longer trail systems rather than hoofing it up mountains…

learn how to garden

Gardening & Food Preservation

Many of my older articles are about homesteading and gardening. I’d love to have a homestead. But I feel time & money are running out. Still, I garden and preserve my food as much as possible.

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