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Review of the Mars Hydro SP 150 LED Full-spectrum Grow Light
The Mars Hydro SP 150 LED Full-spectrum grow light is perfect for the person that wants to grow baby leaf[...]
The First Vegetables To Be Planted In The Garden – Seed Unboxing
All gardeners love to receive their seed order! Even more so when you're planting the first outside garden in many[...]
Setting Up A Form For A No-Dig Garden Bed
Starting The First No-Dig Garden BedAs spring approaches, I'm excited to get the garden beds set-up and ready for compost.Even[...]
Will A Community Garden Work For A Market Garden?
I finally decided on a piece of land.Unfortunately, it's not land for a homestead or even land that I purchased.[...]
Eager Beavers Matter – The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers
EagerThe Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They MatterBy Ben Goldfarb written in 2018I first saw Eager The Surprising,[...]
Seed Planting Calendar
Why You Need a Seed Planting Calendar Planting vegetable seeds at the correct time, whether indoors or directly into the[...]
Great Homeschool Science Projects for the Garden & Home – Students Discover
Even though the title of this article mentions homeschool science projects, I want to state right off the bat that[...]
Never Out Of Season – A Book Review
Never Out of SeasonHow having the food we want when we want it threatens our food supply and our futureBy Rob Dunn[...]
How to Start Growing Lettuce Indoors for the Freshest Salads
Growing lettuce indoors is easy, it doesn't require a lot of room, and the supplies are readily available, plus it[...]
The 6 Tennessee Counties with the Lowest Tax Rates
The six Tennessee counties that meet my living criteria, plus have property tax rates at or below 0.6% are highlighted[...]
13 Counties in North Carolina With Low Tax Rates
Here are the 13 North Carolina counties where I'm interested in building a homestead. While doing research for this article3 counties were eliminated from the search. See why.
Looking For Land To Purchase In These Four States
If you haven't followed my journey, you might not know that I'm looking for land to purchase to start a[...]
Transplanting Tomatoes & Peppers to Give Them a Boost
The Importance of Transplanting TomatoesWe've watched them grow up from seeds, smiling at them once they broke the soil surface,[...]
What State Has the Lowest Overall Taxes for Homesteaders?
On my journey to find a homestead, it shouldn't be a surprise that one of my criteria is to live[...]
Sowing MicroGreen Trays With a Consistent Seeding Density
Learn how to sow microgreens to a consistent seed density in your seeding trays and modifying the trays to allow bottom watering of the soil. Examples with five different varieties of seeds. Free download containing the number of seeds per gram.
Planting Green Onions Inside During The Winter Months
Green onions are an excellent addition to an indoor container garden. See how to plant green onions is a long and narrow window box.
Planting Microgreens for Home Consumption
After my first failure at microgreens...well, I wouldn't classify it as a failure, more like an underestimation of the number[...]
Planting Tomato and Pepper Seeds Using the Double-Cup Method
Even though I have no data to back this up, I would imagine the most common seeds planted indoors are[...]
Making My Own Seed Starter Mix – See How
Can I buy decent seed starter mix? Yes. Would it be easier than making my own seed starter mix? Oh,[...]
Where Does the Research Lead for My Off Grid Home
I'm building an off grid home and I've reviewed winter temperatures and annual precipitation of several states where I want to build. A few states have moved down my list of ideal places to build.
3 States That May or May Not Stack Up – Alaska, Idaho and Missouri
Alaska, Idaho, and Missouri are beautiful states but do they have areas that meet my requirements for a homestead? Let's take a look at how much precipitation these states receive.
Does North Carolina, Arkansas, & Kentucky Receive Too Much Rainfall?
North Carolina, Arkansas, and Kentucky are the last three states on my primary list of states to buy land for[...]
Do I Want to Live in Washington State? Or Maybe West Virginia?
Washington State and West Virginia are on my list of states where I want to look for a piece of[...]
Range of Precipitation in Tennessee and Oregon
Before I can even think about building an off the grid home, I need to purchase some land. In the[...]
Where to Live Off The Grid – What States are the Best?
Where To Live? Truthfully? I have no idea. I wrote a post on why I want to live off the[...]
Why I Want to Live Off the Grid
Looking at that photo, I can hear the loons calling in the distance, the rising sun is burning the fog[...]