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Will A Community Garden Work For A Market Garden?

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I finally decided on a piece of land.

Unfortunately, it's not land for a homestead or even land that I purchased. The land is more of a plot in a local community garden.

It's all good as the garden is close to where live, it's completely fenced in for deer and rabbit (hopefully) protection, there's a water line next to the plot, and I can use as much land as I need.

garden plot

My garden plot with 8-foot high deer fence, water line, and compost bin I built.

Will A Community Garden Work For A Market Garden?

That's the big question. 

Although the person in charge of the community garden knows that I will be selling produce (from the community garden) at farmers' markets, I'm not sure the organization does.

However, I will give a portion of the profits to the community garden for improvements, and that, at least in my mind, should appease any consenters.

Garden Plans

You can learn more about my plans for the garden in the video presented below.

The market garden won't be too large to start.

One reason is I need to get back into this slowly and not overwhelm myself with work and cost.

You can view a page listing all of the published Market Garden Articles by clicking the button below.

The second reason is that I'm not sure how much spare money I'll have to get compost delivered to the community garden. The local county recovery facility is very close, but I don't have a vehicle that I can economically transport compost. 

However, I have lined up a person that will bring me compost in his 3-yard dump trailer. Hopefully, he will get it out of storage soon after the weather breaks so I can order a load to start with once the snow is gone. We will need the ground to be clear, yet frozen, so the truck and trailer don't sink in the thawed ground.

Garden Plants in the Market Garden

The basics will include lettuce and salad mixes, radishes, beets, spring onions, chards, cherry and mid-sized tomatoes to start. 

I'll also be growing peas, cucumbers, squash, and a few other vegetables mostly for my own use.

The video has more on what I'll plant, and I also expect to create another video on the seeds and plants that I will include in the garden.

Gardening Method

For sure, I'm going to go with a no-dig garden, specifically using Charles Dowding's methods. Especially his multi-sowing techniques. 

The bed sizes will be 18 to 24 inches for single row plants like tomatoes, peppers, and staked plants like peas and cucumbers.

The lettuce and small veggies will be transplanted into 4- by 25-foot beds and planted as blocks. I will forgo the usual 30-inch market garden bed.

lettuce transplants

Planting Method

Except for carrots, all plants will be grown inside and transplanted out. Once harvested, the bed will be re-planted as soon as possible.

I'll plant tomatoes by the double cup method.

I believe having transplants ready for re-planting will be my biggest challenge without any data on days to harvest based on the local weather. All I can do is my best. 

In fact, yesterday, I received my new transplant inserts and new heavy-duty 1020 trays from BootStrap Farmer. Yes, the trays are pricey, but they will last FOREVER! 

Check them out!

Why In New York

If you've followed My View From The Woods, either the videos or blog posts, you'll know that I've been looking to start a homestead somewhere else other than New York State.

The short answer is logistics with my children and father. It just isn't the time to move yet.

I'll still be looking for land in a more business and weather-friendly place. After all, once purchased, the property won't go anywhere. 

So in the meantime, why not find some land where I can grow veggies with minimal investment?

So that's the plan moving forward.

More Gardening Content

I'll be posting more gardening content on this website as well as the YouTube channel (why not subscribe!).

More in-depth or detailed gardening articles will be published on Garden Permaculture. In fact, this website will be more storied based, and Garden Permaculture will post the details. 

Leave a Comment

Thank you for following my story, and there will be more content coming soon. I just wanted to lay the foundation for the garden and my plans moving forward!

Leave me a comment below to give me suggestions on what vegetable plants I should include in the market garden. Also, what are your thoughts about running a small market garden within a Community Garden?


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