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Eden Brothers Seed Company

I'm happy to announce that I have partnered with Eden Brothers Seed Company.

Below are the plants that I'm currently growing in my indoor garden. Eden Brothers have quality seeds and the customer service is excellent.

The links below are affiliate links, but remember, there's no additional cost to you. You get quality seeds and customer service and I'm award a small percentage for introducing you to Eden Brothers. 

Eden Brothers Seeds - Great Seeds for Your Garden!

Basil Seeds - Cinnamon, Herb Seeds, Eden B...

Cinnamon Basil Seeds - Basil Seed "Cinnamon"Whew if you like the aroma of Cinnamon, the... [More]

Price: $3.50
Basil Seeds (Organic) - Genovese, Herb See...

GenoveseBasil (Organic) Seeds Though its name and its reputation are as Italian as it g... [More]

Price: $3.50
Tomato Seeds - Black Krim, Vegetable Seeds...

Grow Heirloom Tomatoes Plant Black Krim Tomato Seeds: Add great flavor and visual inter... [More]

Price: $4.25
Tomato Seeds - Cherokee Purple, Vegetable ...

Grow Heirloom Tomatoes Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds: We have Cherokee Purple Tomatoes t... [More]

Price: $5.50
Lettuce Seeds - Mesclun Mix, Mixed, Vegeta...

Grow Heirloom Lettuce - Plant Mesclun Mix - Gourmet Lettuce Seeds This beautiful mixtur... [More]

Price: $3.50
Swiss Chard Seeds - Rainbow Mix, Mixed, Ve...

Grow Heirloom Swiss Chard - Plant Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard Seeds As beautiful in your ga... [More]

Price: $3.50
Mustard Seeds - Tendergreen - 5 Pounds, Bu...

Tendergreen Mustard Seeds - Heirloom Mustard Seeds Spinach MustardAlso knows as Spinach... [More]

Price: $121.95
Spinach Seeds - Bloomsdale Long Standing, ...

For our money, the finest spinach variety on the market today. Deep Green leaves produc... [More]

Price: $2.95
Arugula Seeds (Organic) - Rocket, Vegetabl...

Organic Rocket Arugula is by far the most popular Arugula variety and typically the one... [More]

Price: $3.50
Cilantro/Coriander Seeds - Leisure Splits,...

Cilantro Seeds - Leisure Splits - Culinary Herb SeedsEasy to grow, Cilantro Leisure Spl... [More]

Price: $2.95
Bulls Blood Beet Microgreens Seeds, Vegeta...

16 Inches Foliage; 2 - 3 Inches Root. Harvest: 35 Days for Greens / 60 Days for Beets. ... [More]

Price: $2.95
Beet Seeds - Rainbow Mix, Mixed, Vegetable...

Grow Heirloom Beets - Rainbow Mix Beet Seeds: Delicious, healthy and beautiful! Our Rai... [More]

Price: $3.50