Finding a Homestead

Gardening & Planting Articles

Gardening will be big part of my journey. 

There is no reason it can’t start prior to purchasing land, after all many people have indoor gardens. Obviously the food produced will only be a small percentage of my total diet, but it will be fresher, available whenever it’s ready to harvest, and have total control over the varieties.

Below are articles related to gardening.

Making My Own Seed Starter Mix – See How

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Seed Planting Calendar

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Planting Green Onions Inside During The Winter Months

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Great Homeschool Science Projects for the Garden & Home – Students Discover

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Review of the Mars Hydro SP 150 LED Full-spectrum Grow Light

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Year-Round Gardening Tips for a Great Harvest 

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The First Vegetables To Be Planted In The Garden – Seed Unboxing

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