My View From The Woods

My Journey

Follow my journey as I search for land to purchase and start a homestead.

The plan is to improve the soil and modify the land using permaculture practices to become more self-sufficient by increasing plant & animal food production, applying renewable resources, and using nature to reduce energy requirements both on the farm & in the home. 


Gardening will be a large part of the journey.

Even before to finding a homestead the plan is to grow food producing plants inside to supplement my nutrition and improve my horticulture skills.

These new skills will be applied at a larger scale once the homestead has been established.

Visual Documentation

The journey will be documented on two platforms. Since the world is going to video it makes sense to use the second largest search engine, YouTube. However, when playing in YouTube's sandbox you lose control of what content is shared. For this reason, all homesteaders should use the WordPress platform where they do have control of all their content.

My View From The Woods is my journey to purchase land and design a home that will allow me to live off-the-grid with as little reliance on others as I wish.

Follow my progress towards designing an off-the-grid home, developing my power sources, growing & producing food, and making a living without a boss or set schedule.

I want my efforts to contribute wholly to my family and not to others profits or goals unless they're aligned with mine.

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This Website Serves 3 Main Purposes

Of course there are more than 3 purposes for this website. Many of them are obvious such as building a brand (hopefully), monetization, and share experiences.

But these are minor reasons compared to those presented below.

  1. A place where I can express my thoughts and calculations to get feedback from great people like yourself.
  2. As a data repository, where my notes and calculations can be stored in chronological order, yet cross-referenced for easy retrieval.
  3. And lastly, to document my journey so if others wish to do so they can learn from my struggles and successes.
watering a garden

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