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How You Can Help Me

Did You Like The Content on This Website?

I hope you found the content useful, informative, or maybe even entertaining.

Maybe you're on your own journey to self-sufficiency, you like gardening, or maybe you enjoy seeing me struggle in front of the camera, stumble over my words, or mix up pronouns and adverbs (whatever they are). 

But since you've read this far maybe you could help me out a bit.

The best part, there's no added cost to you when you shop at Amazon.

As much as I like writing on this website, filming videos, and creating content it costs a lot money to keep it going and every little bit of extra scratch helps.

So Here's How You Can Help

Use the button below or type into any web browser to visit the Amazon website. If you make a purchase that day after using the link a small commission (4 to 6%) will be placed into my account at no additional cost to you.

Need Recommendations?

Most of the supplies, materials, and equipment I use or have used and still recommend can be found on my shop at

Kit makes it easy and quick to list my recommendations in very presentable way. The links at are affiliate links and My View From The Woods will receive a commission from any purchase. 

Click the button below to visit the shop.

Oh, One More Thing

Do you like ads?

Didn't think so, I don't either. But the advertisements are an evil necessity to help offset the costs of running the website. 

If you enjoy the content and don't want to see ads, both on this website and in the YouTube videos, there is Patreon.

Patreon is a service for content creators where people like you, patrons, can help support the creation of more content.

You become a Patron of MVFTW by pledging as little as $3.00 a month. Patreon can be set-up in a tier fashion; higher level pledges receive more perks.

I'll post a video below that explains how Patreon works.

Here's My Proposal

I know Patreon is a sensitive subject. Many people think that blogs and YouTube are hobbies and the creators shouldn't charge for their services. In fact, many people believe content creators are beggars when services like Patreon and membership sites are mentioned.

This isn't the case, this blog and YouTube channel isn't a hobby it's a business, along with the other content creation sites owned. Running this business is more than a full-time corporate job. Yes, I may take afternoons off to watch my kids sports or play a round of golf, but I'm on the computer, like right now as I type this, well past midnight. 

Content creation and paying for the website and tools to run it are time consuming and expensive. Patreon isn't begging, it's the same as paying to go to a movie, buying a book or magazine, or going to see a concert.

What's In It For You

Besides continued content creation, your Patreon pledge give you access to the following:

  • No advertisements before, after, or during the video.
  • Blog posts will be re-published on Patreon without ads.
  • Behind the scenes videos will be published for Patrons exclusively.
  • Special topic videos will be published for Patrons.
  • Discounts or free access will be given to Patrons for services, publications, or courses that will be created in the future.
  • Patrons will be listed as supporters of MVFTW on video credits and on a website page (if they elect).
  • Like Tee-shirts? Well, some Patreon levels provide free T-shirts!


The pledges from My View From The Woods Patrons will go 100% towards content creation by purchases of new equipment or services that will make the content better.

A list of the equipment and/or services needed will be posted so you know where your pledge money is going and what it will be spent on before you even pledge.

I will even go so far as to show Patrons the MVFTWs budget. I want to be 100% transparent.

Click the button below to visit my Patreon page and read about the Patreon levels.

Membership Site

Coming soon!

My membership site will contain all of my YouTube videos with out advertisement. Membership only content will also be available. 

For insistence, when gardening, animal husbandry, building, solar, hydro, or other alternative energy course are created you will have immediate access to them and most likely I'll need your help to develop new courses. 

Here's the best part, the price you pay is locked. That's right, your cost won't ever go up with continuous membership.

As new courses are added to the membership site, the cost will increase. But not for those that have are members.

Stay tuned more information will be available on the membership site soon! Be sure to sign-up for the Weekly Updates (see the form in the footer below) to be alerted to new details on the membership site.