Preparing Garden Beds for Planting Garlic

If you live in USDA Zone 5, the perfect time to prepare a bed to plant garlic is from the middle to late October.

Garlic likes rich, loose soil, which is difficult to find here in Central New York State. However, it isn’t a problem because of my gardening method.

Instead of tilling the soil, I make garden beds by placing compost on the native soil. As the beds’ age, the compost is brought down into the native soil by the creatures living there and by filling voids left by decaying garden plant roots. 

The video below shows you these beds and how I prepare the bed to plant garlic.

Preparing a Garden Bed to Plant Garlic

How to Plant Garlic

After preparing the garden bed for garlic, it is time to plant the garlic cloves.

Future Videos

At some point, I will make a video on when and how to pull mature garlic bulbs and how to clean the garlic for storage.

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