Planting Green Onions Inside During The Winter Months

One of my indoor container garden goals is to grow the vegetables and herbs needed to make fresh salsa and guacamole.

Minus the avocados, of course.

Since we’re talking about an indoor container garden, planting green onions, or scallions, is a must.

The green onions will be planted directly into a 36-inch long by 8-inch wide flower box. The box has a soil depth of around 6 inches, which should be adequate for planting green onions.

Although I debated planting the seeds into a course of composted potting soil, in the end, I used a sieved homemade seed starter mix for my first planting.

All of the plantings are new to me. Never before have I grown vegetables inside, so the first step is to get the seeds to germinate, and my best hope for this was in a sifted potting mix.

Experimentation will be on the docket for the next succession planting, though.

Learning through experimentation in the indoor container garden will benefit me when I’m on my homestead and planting a more extensive garden.

The video below shows the process; more explanation will be provided after the video.

Planting green onions is straightforward; plant seeds in rows with a spacing of about an inch. In the video, seeds were sown a bit closer than an inch, but if germination rates are such that the seedlings are too tight, they can be culled and added to a salad or scrambled eggs. No sense in wasting them.

Two 24-inch rows were planted using a straightedge to make a shallow (¼ to ½-inch) depression in the soil.

planting green onion or scallion seeds

Seeds are hand-sewn and covered lightly with the surrounding soil. The seed starter mix is moist to start, but the seeds are moistened with a spritz of water from a spray bottle.

Swiss chard filled the remaining space in the planting container. The Swiss chard seeds are left over from a previous planting. I wanted to use the seeds up and thought it would be good to see how large I could grow the chard in a container like this.

One packet of seeds from Fruition Seeds is more than enough to plant two rows across the planting container box. This is useful information for the next planting. 

Below is a picture of the green onions 12 days after planting.

planting green onions or scallions

As you can see in the video, the germination rate is excellent, and the plants are doing very well so far.

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Planting green onions for an indoor container garden is easy and fruitful. Why don’t you start yours today?

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planting green onions
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