Seed Planting Calendar

Why You Need a Seed Planting Calendar

Planting vegetable seeds at the correct time indoors or directly into the ground is essential to getting the most out of your garden.

Knowing your first frost date will help you start your vegetable seeds and transplant them into the garden at the right time.

My View From The Woods and Home Microgreens have created a spreadsheet that retrieves your last frost date and calculates when you should plant your vegetable seeds indoors so your seedlings are ready to transplant into your garden after the last frost. 

seed planting calendar

The spreadsheet also lists the best soil temperature for planting seeds for each vegetable directly into your garden.

What is Different About This Seed Planting Calendar?

You can download a copy of the spreadsheet and modify it as you see fit.

The calendar will be updated, and you’ll be alerted* when enough changes have occurred that warrants a revision to be sent out.

The calendar also includes a guide for seed sowing directly to the garden based on the ideal soil temperature for each vegetable variety. 

Seeds are sown into too cold soil for proper germination and run the risk of rotting, prematurely germinating, causing the plant to die, and seed scavenging by birds, rodents, and other seed-eating animals.

Click here to access your copy of the Seed Planting Calendar Spreadsheet!

Information Included in the Planting Calendar

 The calendar spreadsheet includes a website link where you’ll enter your zip code to get your last frost date – more on this below.

Once you enter your last frost date into the spreadsheet, the seed starting dates for over 30 of the most popular vegetables and herbs will change.

The table has two columns with dates.

planting calendar

One is the earliest ideal date to start your seeds.

The second is the last ideal date for planting seeds based on your last frost date.

As previously mentioned, the ideal garden soil temperature is provided for almost 50 plants for direct sowing into the garden.

ideal soil temperature for seeds

How to Use the Calendar

The planting calendar is simple to access and use.

Click here for permission to download the calendar.

Click the button labeled download, and you’ll be able to copy the Google Sheet containing the Home Microgreens & My View From The Woods Seed Planting Calendar spreadsheet into your own Google drive.

Additional directions are provided on the download page, as well as on the spreadsheet, to use the calendar.

Remember – This is the Good Part!

You’ll be downloading a copy of the Seed Planting Calendar so you can make whatever changes you want.

Change the dates to reflect your garden’s micro-climate. Increase or decrease the planting interval. Add additional plants.

It’s yours. Change it as you see fit!

Updates to the Calendar

When there are updates to the calendar with new data or varieties of plants, I’ll send you an e-mail with an updated link to download another copy of the spreadsheet where you can copy over any changes you made to the original calendar.

* You will need to stay on

the MVFTW list

so I can access your e-mail address to get updates.

Want More Plants Added?

Leave me a comment below, or reach out to me, and I’ll see if I can add your request to the planting calendar!

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