The six Tennessee counties that meet my living criteria, plus have property tax rates at or below 0.6% are highlighted in green in the cover image and in images below. 

These are the Tennessee counties where I'll look for property to purchase and build a homestead.

Let's face it, the tax advantage of Tennessee is the lack of state income tax (on wages, not necessarily dividends). So it didn't surprise me that only 6 counties have property tax rates less than 0.6% as they're not subsidized as much by state funds. 

There are many areas in Tennessee that would be great places to start a homestead. But how do you look for land over such a large area without driving yourself crazy?

To narrow down the search area I picked a low property tax rate (0.6%) at the county level and highlighted those counties in the four states that met my other criteria for land ownership.

Tennessee Counties with the Lowest County Property Tax Rates

Below is a table that lists the Tennessee counties that have property tax rates below 0.6%. There are also two counties that are just above that rate.

Those counties are Sullivan and Polk with property tax rates of 0.608% and 0.609%, respectively. 

I've also included (for my purposes) the county seat and links that give a broad overview of the county and a link to the county government home page.


Property Tax Rate (%)

County Seat

Wiki Link

County Web Site






Mountain City













The reason I listed the county seat and links to county information is so I know I can access those data if I need them while I'm on the road looking for land.

Remember, this website has multiple purposes. Not only is it an educational site, it contains research data I may need and documents my journey to finding a homestead.

Because I know many of you don't care about some of this information, there is a topic index page that lists all of the published blog topics.

On the Index Page, scroll down until you see the topic you'd like to view, then click on a sub-topic. A listing of all the published posts on that topic will be available. Click on the thumbnail to visit the posts you're interested in reading.

Where Are These 6 Counties?

Below is a map showing the six Tennessee counties where I'll first concentrate my property search.

Tennessee counties with low property rates

As you can see, the counties are in the eastern portion of the state along the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains.

Now, if a great looking property becomes available in a different county I most likely won't pass it up for a small difference in property tax. But the search needs to be narrowed down, so why not start with the counties with the lowest tax rates.

Once I see the overall lay of the land in a particular county and I don't like it. I'll obviously stop searching for land there. The opposite is true also, if I fall in love with place the search will be concentrated to that county.

For reference, below is a map of all the Tennessee counties. Click the image for a larger view.

counties in Tennessee

Stay Tuned

If you've read this far, I'm glad you're interested. Some of this information might be useful to other people looking for land in Tennessee this is the reason I went to the trouble to write the post.

Again, when I'm on the road I can bring this post up to see how close I'm to counties that interest me and I'll have access to other information via the posted links (assuming cellular or internet access).

Besides Tennessee, I'll write similar posts on the following states:

Once a post is written, I'll link it above. 

What Is Your Experience?

I'd love to hear your experience looking for property out of state, how did you find and purchase your land?

If you live in any of these counties, or have knowledge of the area, please leave a comment below or contact me here.

I'd love to hear your experience and views. Tell me I'm crazy if you want. Anything will help, even if it's setting me straight!

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Tennessee counties
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  • Just thought I’d add a bit more info for you, but not sure how old your TN tax posting is.

    There are some areas in TN (and a few other states) that don’t require building permits. 2 of the 6 TN counties on you post are among the ones without uniform building codes and permit requirements – Monroe and Polk.

    This means you can do cob, log cabin (from trees on your property), Earthship, or whatever kind of house you want.

    But do keep in mind, spring of 2019 saw a lot of TN areas under flood water – houses and roads. If you plan to build in a wet state, make sure to factor that into the building plans.

    • Raine,
      Thank you! All the information we can get is great. I appreciate your comments on the building codes. I did see the flooding and it was terrible. Do you like in Tennessee?

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