The First Vegetables To Be Planted In The Garden – Seed Unboxing

All gardeners love to receive their seed orders! Even more so when you’re planting the first outside garden in many years.

In the video below, I share a seed unboxing and talk about the varieties of vegetables I will soon start to grow into sets.

Vegetables To Be Planted In 2020

If you’re new to this series, I’ve finally found a place to garden. Ultimately, I want my rural property, but that isn’t possible for several reasons. 

However, I’m happy to have a place to garden outside. Microgreens and indoor gardening will still be a large part of my life and business, but adding my fresh vegetables and selling the extra excites me.

Below are most (I permit myself to change things) of the seeds I’ll start to plant in the market garden during the first wave of planting.

Details & Pictures of Each Vegetable to be Planted


Mardi-Gras Bush Beans

A custom blend of red, yellow, and green bush beans that mature evenly for a mixed harvest. 55 days to maturity.

String beans

Mardi-Gras Blend

Seychelles Pole Beans

Stringless and flavorful bean pods on very vigorous plants. My first time growing pole beans ever. It should be interesting! 60 days to maturity.

Seychelles Pole beans

Seychelles Pole Bean


Bull’s Blood Beets

Dark red leaves are great in salad mixes. Roots are tasty and tender when harvested early as baby beets.

Thirty-five days for baby leaves and 60 days for rooted beets.

Bunching beets

Bull’s Blood Beets

Touchstone Gold Beets

Golden flesh retains color when cooked and is sweeter & milder than red beets.

55 days to maturity.

Gold beet

Touchstone Gold Beet

Broccoli Rabe

Spring Broccoli Raab

An early green that tastes similar to asparagus. The leaves are more tender than most greens and matures very quickly.

46 days to maturity.

broccoli rabe greens

Spring Broccoli Raab


Danvers 126 (Heirloom)

Sweet, crunchy, and dark orange, just like old fashion carrots. Large, 6- to 8-inch roots.

70 days to maturity.

Heirloom Carrot Danvers 126

Danvers 126 Heirloom Carrot


Rainbow Blend Chard

I love the multi-colored stems when cooking this tender Swiss chard. It sells itself on the Farmer’s Market table.

60 days to maturity.

colorful rainbow blend swiss chard

Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard

Ruby Red Chard

This variety is excellent for harvests of microgreens, baby leaves, or full leaf size as the narrow stem and leaf veins color early.

30 days to baby leaf and 60 days to maturity.

Ruby Red Chard

Ruby Red Swiss Chard


Green 18 F1 Cucumber

Highly productive cucumber with smooth, green skin and crisp 8- to 9-inch fruits.

55 days to maturity.

market cucumber

Green 18 F1 Cucumber


Shanghai Green Pac Choy

Dense heads with dark green leaves.

Twenty-five days to baby leaf and 45 days to maturity.

Pac Choy Greens

Shanghai Green Pac Choy


Lacinato Dinosaur Kale

Dinosaur kale is cold and heat-tolerant. Best cooked steamed or added to dishes like soups or stews.

Thirty-five days to baby leaf and 65 days to maturity.

Dinosaur kale

Lacinato or Dinosaur Kale


DMR Blend

A disease-resistant salad mix with deep reds, bright greens, and multiple textures.

Twenty-eight days to baby leaf.

salad mix lettuce seeds

High Mowing DMR Blend Lettuce Mix

Ezrilla Lettuce

Dark green, sweet, and highly incised leaves. Adds excellent texture, volume, and crunch to any lettuce mix.

52 days to maturity.

Ezrilla green leaf lettuce

Ezrilla Green Leaf Lettuce

Buckley Lettuce

Red oak leaf-shaped leaves (if that makes any sense) on an upright plant. Easy to pick off the larger outside leaves.

52 days to maturity.

red leaf lettuce

Buckley Red Leaf Lettuce


Evergreen Hardy Bunching Onions

Mild flavor with an attractive blue-green leaf. Best planted in bunches of 6 or 7 seeds.

65 days to maturity.

green onions

Evergreen Hardy Bunching Onions

New York Early Onions

Early 3- to 4-inch onion bulbs with a mild flavor. Long to intermediate-day onions.

98 days to maturity.

early bulb onions

New York Early Onions


Laxton’s Progress #9 Shell Pea

Small (15- 20-inch plants!?!?) produce heavy yields of dark green pods with large peas. I can’t wait to try them.

60 days to maturity.

sweet peas

Laxton’s Progress #9 Shell Pea


California Wonder Sweet Peppers

Thick-walled peppers that turn from deep green to red with time. Dense, prolific plants.

Sixty days to green; 80 red days to maturity.

California Wonder Peppers

California Wonder Green & Red Sweet Peppers


French Breakfast Radish

Supposedly, a favorite radish of the French since 1879. Scarlet-rose radish with white tips, 2- to 3-inch roots with crisp flesh.

26 days to maturity.


French Breakfast Radishes

Valentine’s Day Blend Radish

A blend of red, pink, purple, and white garden radishes. It is going to be a winner at the Farmers’ Market.

25 days to maturity.

radish blend

Valentine’s Day Blend Radish


Bloomsdale Spinach

Glossy and dark green leaves with thick crinkly leaves. Very sweet and juicy! Fresh spinach is one of my favorite vegetables.

45 days to maturity.

Spinach for the garden

Bloomsdale Spinach

Squash, Summer

Green Machine F1 Zucchini Squash

Uniform fruits on upright, open plants with a long harvest window.

45 days to maturity.

zucchini squash

Green Machine F1 Zucchini Squash

Y-Star F1 Patty Pan Summer Squash

Bright gold fruit on compact, disease-resistant plants. They appear to have tough skin when they are actually quite tender.

55 days to maturity.

Patty pan Squash

Y-Star F1 Patty Pan Summer Squash

Squash, Winter

Red Kuri Winter Squash

Bright orange squash that averages 3- to 6-pounds. Fruit matures earlier than most winter squash with firm, dry flesh. 

95 days to maturity.

Winter squash

Red Kuri Winter Squash


Black Cherry Tomato

Round, dark-purple to black cherry tomato up to an inch in diameter. Sweet, rich flavors. 

64 days to maturity.

cherry tomato

Black Cherry Tomato

Fred’s Tie Dye Dwarf Tomato

Striped 5- to 6-inch fruits with deep purple skin with green & gold stripes—three-foot plants. 

64 days to maturity.

Dwarf tomato

Fred’s Tye Dye Dwarf Tomato

Indigo Apple Tomato

Mild 2- to 4-ounce jet-black fruits with red undersides. Resistant to cracking and sun-scald.

70 days to maturity.

indigo apple tomato

Indigo Apple Tomato

Indigo Rose Tomato

Clusters of 2- to 2.5-ounce purple-black fruits with green to red undersides. Resistant fungal diseases and blight. Great flavor with high-acid content.

80 days to maturity.

indigo rose tomato

Indigo Rose Tomato

Pink Boar Tomato

Wine-colored fruits with metallic green stripes. Deep red, sweet juicy flesh. Great slicers.

75 days to maturity.

Pink Boar tomato

Pink Boar Tomato

Pink Bumblebee Tomato

Rose-colored, 1.5-inch fruits with gold stripes. Juicy and sweet with a rich flavor. Resists cracking.

70 days to maturity.

pink cherry tomatoes

Pink Bumblebee Tomato

Pruden’s Purple Tomato

Large, 12 to 16-ounce fruits with a deep rose color. These are heirloom beefsteaks with a distinctive flavor and texture—high shoulders.

72 days to maturity.

Pruden's Purple tomato

Pruden’s Purple Heirloom Tomato

Sunrise Bumblebee Tomato

Gold fruits marbled with pink striping. Fruits are 1.5 inches in diameter. Resists cracking.

70 days to maturity.

sunrise cherry tomatoes

Sunrise Bumblebee Tomato

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