These Are My Views From the Woods, Garden, and Homestead

Enjoying nature, growing food, and working to be self-sufficient.

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See all the articles as they are posted in a timeline format. These include gardening videos, gardening Vlogs, Trail hiking views, and my journey to find land & a homestead.

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Follow Caden and me down the trails

See where we hike in New York State. These articles include plenty of photos and videos.  Let me show you the trails so you can decide where to go on your day hikes!

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Garden Everything!

This is how I garden in USDA Zone 5. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but either way you will get to see the results.

Weekly Vlogs will be chopped up and re-edited into "How to" videos on

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I'm Trying to Find a Homestead...

These articles will tell my journey to find a piece of land to become my homestead. 

It will include my research and ups & downs along the way. 

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My View From The Woods the Story

Todd Marsh

Fell in love with the name My View From The Woods because it is so ambiguous.

The name can be taken literal, as in this is the current view, whether it be in the garden, on the hiking trail, mountain top, or from the porch of a hopeful homestead.

It can also mean the thoughts and opinions of a person fighting to break free from society's demands & expectations and simplify their life.

In actuality, it will be all of that and more.

It's hard work to make a simple life.


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