Petrified Forest National Park

I visited the Petrified Forest National Park in April of 2015. Unbelievable that was so long ago.

Anyway, it was a place I always wanted to visit. I was in Phoenix for a golf fitness conference and decided to take a day and drive north to the Forest.

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There was snow up on top of the pass, in fact, 5 inches of fresh snow, but at the Park, it only hailed on me a few times along with some brief rain showers.

What I like about the Petrified Forest National Park, is that there are roads and paths for those who don’t want to adventure, but for those of us that want to get off the beaten path you can.

The problem I had that day was the rain made much of the park inaccessible because the volcanic clay (bentonite) that covers much of the park was too sticky and slippery to venture off in many places. I did where I could and enjoyed seeing so many logs that probably few do get to experience.

Even with the gloomy weather I had a great time.

Looking back on it, I wish I stayed longer (such was not in my DNA at the time) and enjoyed it more. But I always felt like I needed to get moving instead of soaking it in more. Hopefully, I have learned to slow down and maybe enjoy less in a deeper state instead of trying to see it all and briefly viewing the scenery.

Below are some of the many photos I took with an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera in Jpeg format (I had no idea at the time about shooting photos in raw format). I wasn’t too happy with many of them, as they were much brighter than they appeared in the photos. But now I have learned how to edit images better and am slowly going through the library of Petrified Forest National Park photos and making them look more like they did to my eyes.

I will write more about each photo as a caption or overlay when I get an extra minute or so.

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