Starting The First No-Dig Garden Bed

As spring approaches, I'm excited to get the garden beds set-up and ready for compost.

Even though it's too wet to get compost anywhere near the garden bed, I want to be ready if the opportunity arises.

So I took an hour or so to stop by the box store to pick up some culled 2-by-6's and layout the position of the upper three garden beds.

The First Formed Bed

For the third bed, the larger of the three, I constructed a form that will be used as a guide for the compost fill and hold it in place while the spring rains settle the soil.

The video below explains my reasoning for laying out the first of many beds and a few more obstacles that will need to be overcome before they can be filled with compost.

More About The Garden To Be

In the article, Will A Community Garden Work For a Market Garden? I discuss the general layout of the garden area available to me. 

You can view a page listing all of the published Market Garden Articles by clicking the button below.

I will slowly add more beds to the garden as time and resources become available. 

The plan is to fill the beds with compost (the process will be shown) and use Charles Dowding's No-Dig method (more or less) to grow vegetables.

Vegetables will be for home use, the garden workers, some will be sold at a local grocery store, and hopefully at a couple Farmers' Markets.

Extra produce will be given to the local food banks or Meals on Wheels Echo, Inc. or North Area Meals on Wheels.

Garden Series

All during the gardening season, I will be adding to this Garden Series, by sharing my experiences, successes, and failures.

Videos will be posted on YouTube, here at My View From The Woods, and more educational videos and articles on Garden Permaculture

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