Gleasmans Falls – Independence River Area

Gleasman’s Falls is a series of minor falls and pools through a fault in the Adirondack foothill’s charnockite granite facies.

The hike to the falls is moderately difficult but with no significant uphills but a lot of pointless up-and-downs. I will post more on this soon.

I want to focus on how nice of a day hike it is to the Gleasman’s Falls cataract. The forest is a nice mix of hardwoods and conifers.

I have hiked and camped several times (per my photograph period) and enjoy staying there for a few days. The trout fishing along the Independence River is good and the pools below the small falls in the cataract are so nice during hot summer days.

There is a large cliff that looks down on the narrow gorge where you can be in the sun or find some shade at any time during the day. A perfect place to read a book. In fact, my personal Facebook cover shows my feet overhanging this wonder cliff face.

I will write more about this area and hike in the near future.

Below are some of the photographs I took with a point-and-shoot camera. I especially like the time I was along the river and a “flock” of Swallowtail butterflies were swarming around me. If I can find the video I will post it here.

Gleasman’s Falls Photo Gallery

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